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Can be very serious especially in kittens and elderly cats. It remains depressingly common in the UK.
It is spread between cats by direct contact or through sneezing. 
Symptoms include a runny nose, eyes and extreme lethargy.


A viral disease, transmitted when cats fight each other or even during grooming. 
The disease can take months to develop after infection but then it then begins to suppress the cat’s immune system, causing secondary infections, tumours and death.

FELINE ENTERITIS (Panleucopenia)

An often fatal disease; vaccination has been extremely successful in controlling it. Vaccinations start at 9 weeks of age and a second vaccine is given at 12 weeks.

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Fleas and Worming

flea treatment cat


We use Privonox against fleas and worms. We advice the use of Indorex as a spray in the home as 85% of fleas will be in your carpets and flooring.

It is 25% cheaper as 4 pipettes and and also helps treat ear mites.





Dental Hygiene

dental treatment cat

Here at Abbotswood Veterinary Centre we consider dental hygiene to be a quality of life issue, we recommend the use of a toothbrush and Logic toothpaste, but appreciate that brushing a cats teeth can be a difficult task. 

Logic differs from human toothpaste; not only in the flavour, but also that it contains a multi enzyme complex that works to help prevent the formation of new plaque.  The gel also contains a mild abrasive, and the gel itself boosts the action of saliva. 

It is used once daily, and can be placed onto the teeth, or alternately, onto the paw for the cat to lick off
We offer a dental scoring scheme for your pet, that consists of an oral check where your pet will be give a ‘grade’.  Grading is from 1-3 and lasts for three months from the date of the original checkup. 

The prices are fixed for each grade, so we can give you an accurate estimation of the total costs. 


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