Nutrition Advice for your Pets

Choose the best quality food

What we recommend

We usually recommend Hill’s pet foods because of its consistent high quality.

These foods contain superior nutrition over supermarket brands. They are extensively tested and meet rigid standards with no ingredient substitutions.

The finest pet foods are formulated with controlled levels of key nutrients like fat, protein, phosphorus and magnesium to help reduce the risk of such problems as obesity and kidney disease.

That is why, even though supermarket brands provide adequate nutrition for many pets, we still recommend that you feed your pet the best you can buy. Not only are you getting better nutrition for your pet, but also the daily cost to you is often not any greater than if you were feeding a cheaper brand.

We stock a small range of selected Hills pet food. We are able to advise the very best food to suit your pets dietary needs.
If we do not stock the food you require we can order in it for next day delivery.

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